1.      What are the main types of companies in your country?

Partnership (“Kkt.”);  Limited Partnership (“Bt.”);

Limited Liability Company (LLC or “Kft.”); Private Company limited by shares (“Zrt.”).

2.      Which is the most preferred type of company by foreign investors?


Limited Liability Company (“LLC” or “Kft.”)

3.      What are the basic capital requirements of this company? (minimum amounts, types of capital, deadline of capital contribution)

The share capital of the Limited Liability Company shall be at least HUF 3.000.000.

The capital contribution can be paid in cash or provided as in-kind contribution (eg. transfer of business assets to the company).

There is no deadline for providing capital contribution, but the company shall not pay dividends and the shareholders have stricter liability until the full cash contribution is paid,.

4.      What are the basic rules of shareholders liability for company debts in this company?

Shareholders of the LLC shall pay their cash contribution or provide their in–kind contribution to the company. If they complied with this obligation, their personal liability for the debts of the company is exceptional, only in cases of fraudulent shareholder activity.

5.      What are the basic management requirements for this company? (only natural persons, or nationals can be managers etc.)

Natural persons as well as legal persons can be managers of the company.

Clean criminal record is a must, but it is enough if the manager confirms this in writing.

There is no nationality requirement for managers.

6.      How long does the registration procedure of this company take?

The simplified procedure takes cca. 2-5 business days.

The normal procedure takes cca. 7-15 business days

7.      What are the main costs of formation of this company in local currency?

Simplified procedure: HUF 50.000 court duty;

Normal procedure: HUF 100.000 court duty, HUF 15.000 publication fee

+ translation costs

8.      What is the average attorney’s fee of the formation of this company in local currency?


HUF 100.000 – 200.000 depending on complexity

9.      What are the basic publicity requirements of this company (filing of company changes, financial reports, etc.)

The company formation and every modification shall be published in the official gazette. The company shall file its financial report, to the tax authority on a yearly basis, which is a public document. The financial report is prepared by the bookkeeper of the company.

10.   What are the main auditor requirements?

Companies are obliged to appoint auditor, if both of the following conditions are met:

-        -  the annual net sales does not exceed HUF 300 million;

-        - the average number of people employed by the undertaking does not exceed 50 people;v